Not all my posts to this blog will be depressing and angsty. Case in point, I attended a writers’ group this morning. I didn’t know I’d be able to go until about an hour before it started, so I didn’t get a chance to do any of the preparation. Today’s activities involved the critique of exercises from the book Naming the World. (For those interested, the next Naming the World assignment is either 1: convert a story you’ve written entirely into narrative and/or entirely into dialogue, or 2: write what you don’t know by going beyond your personal experience, age, gender, beliefs, identity, etc.)

A little background about the group. The group is called CenTex Writers and is a stable, regular meeting of writers; some published, others not. I used to participate in the group fairly heavily, but for a little more than a year, I’ve had my mind on other things. Now I’m finding myself with more time to devote to writing and thought I’d get back into the group. The next “assignment” meeting is in two weeks, and it is for works in progress. I have a few things I could submit for critique and it’ll be interesting to see which one I finally post.

It was good to see friends I haven’t seen in a long time. Snarky comments, gentle and not so gentle teasing, laughter, stories…I’ve missed it, and I’m glad I’m back.

After the group broke up for the day, it turned out there is an open-air, rennaisance style market day in progress on Main St. in Round Rock, Tx. Fortunately, it was happening just down the street from the coffee shop where we meet. The day was sunny (still is, at the time of this writing), and a little on the cool side. Being so close to Austin, of course there was live music, some good, some not so much. For those who go to RenFaires, this is a good way to get a fix, albeit without the costumes. Though there were no booths for weapons or armor, just about everything else you’d find at a RenFaire market was present, from face painting to homemade candles, art and metal work to massage and spa products. There was even a trailer selling kettle corn. However, not having any money, I enjoyed the sun for a while, but left before I decided to tempt fate by using a credit card.

So far, today has been a good one. I hope it continues.