I grew up Unitarian Universalist, and in the UU tradition, the lighted chalice holds as much meaning as the cross for Christians, the Star of David for Jews, and the Green Man for Druids. As the chalice is lit, words are said. In my mind, the words are prayers, not of asking, but of affirmation.

I still recall the words we said in my grade school Sunday School class:

We light the light of new ideas. It is the light of our coming together to see new faces, to think new thoughts, to feel new love.

Many years have passed since I last said those words as a chalice was lit. Yet now that I am returning to the UU church, words are still said as the chalice is lit. The words said by the congregation are:

In the light of truth, and the warmth of love, we gather to seek, to find, and to share.

During the service, there is a time for meditation and prayer while people light a candle to focus on hopes, special events, or memories. As might be guessed by previous posts, I’ve been going through a rough time. But today, as I lit a candle words came to me instead of me saying the words. They came in the form of a reader response:

With this flame
I burn away my pain.
With this flame
I light the beacon of forgiveness.
With this flame
I relight the fires of friendship.
With this flame
I light the path of hope.
With this flame
I see my way clearly.

One more step on the path of healing accomplished.