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I’ve been musician, actor, and teammate. In each case, all my energy was put towards a final performance or goal. After the accomplishment or failure to accomplish, there is a brief depression. Performers often call this the “post-performance blues”. Now that the event day of Wear All White for Women’s Rights has passed, I’m beginning to understand the mindset of “professional” activists.

It’s true that nobody in my city showed up; nevertheless, it is a great rush to be part of something larger than you. On the day after, my first reaction is “now what?” I doubt the friends I made, and the friends who brought me in, will part ways. But except for a case or two, I suspect we will drift apart, each returning to our separate orbits in the social universe. It is a sad time for each participant, and the urge to find something else to do with others, either the same group or a different group, is amazing.

The one day event is done. There is, however, the follow up. The event was intended to be a social awareness exercise. Now comes the actual activist part: sending letters, emails, petitions, etc. to lawmakers. For those who are following the movement, the Wear All White for Women’s Rights community page will become increasingly important.

This is Ridiculous

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I posted this link on my Facebook page this morning. The caption was: “Happy April Fool’s Day! Here’s a sample of what we’re doing in choir today…though the words have been changed a bit.” I wonder how many people thought it was an April Fool’s Day prank. Certainly the expressions in the congregation were of incredulity the first time we whacked our heads with our choir folders. There were a few “they’re doing what?” expressions. I even saw a few “they’re not….” faces. But my favorites were the hand-covering-gaping-mouth-and-eyes-popping reactions.

As an introduction to the sermon, it was perfect. The anthem for the service was a variation on Pete Seeger’s version of “Old Time Religion”. Trust a Unitarian Universalist church to celebrate the ridiculous in a service. The sermon itself was along the theme of what UU jokes reveal about us. Much laughter ensued.

For those (two) people who are anxious about what my words of reflection today were:

I look into this flame I’ve lit,
And I watch it
Laugh and dance
And sparkle and spit.
I say to myself and to God:
This is what I want to be.

And for those who want to know which lyrics to “Old Time Religion” we used:

Give me that old time religion (3x)
And that’s good enough for me.

We will pray to Aphrodite
Even tho’ she’s rather flighty
And they say she wears no nightie
And that’s good enough for me.

O-old Odin we will follow
And in fighting we will wallow
Til we wind up in Valhalla
And that’s good enough for me.


Let me follow dear old Buddha
For there is nobody cuter
He comes in plaster, wood or pewter
And that’s good enough for me.

We will pray with Zarathustra
Pray just like we useta
I’m a Zarathustra booster
And that’s good enough for me.


We will pray with those old Druids
They drink fermented fluids
Waltzing naked thru the woo-ids
And that’s good enough for me.

I’ll arise at early morning
When the sun gives me the warning
That the solar age is dawning
And that’s good enough for me.

(Chorus) x2

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