Started going to Reader’s Theater tonight. It’s a monthly group that gets together and reads scripts aloud. Even though I’m the youngest person there (by at least 2 decades), I had a lot of fun. It’s good to be using my voice in ways that just don’t come up in normal conversation. It’s probably one of the things I miss about high school: theater. I was never good enough to even dream of going pro with it, but I do miss communicating with an audience.

We did two short pieces tonight, one by a local playwrite and one by Allan Ball (of Six Feet Under fame). The first was pretty much an atmospheric/interview style piece, where the main character is reminiscing about the desegregation bussing issues in south Boston. The second was a brief skit called “The M Word”. Absolutely hilarious. Even better since I got to read the male part. It was a two person cast for it. No names, the script listed the characters as “Man” and “Woman”.

I’m definitely looking forward to next month, and wish they met more often than once a month.