I have decided that oranges are the new wonderfruit. Why? Because they taste good, they have the right nutrition for after a workout. Especially a workout that involves the occasional bruising. Everyone knows oranges are awesome with the vitamin c (anti-oxidant), but they also have lots of potassium. Other beneficial nutrients include vitamin a, thiamin and folate. They even have a little protein and calcium. And it does all this without filling you up and weighing you down. (I really hate the feeling of eating something and having my stomach yell at me for eating an anchor.)

What about all the sugar? Yes. Oranges are carb heavy…the good thing is that the carbs are quickly metabolized and used. This means they don’t stay around in the system, providing a quick boost without the same kind of risk of weight gain from most sports drinks. The glycemic load of a serving of orange is also 1/3 that of a serving of banana.

Don’t forget the fiber that comes with all fruits and vegetables. Not as much as celery, but a respectable 17% of daily value (assuming 2,000 calories daily). Oranges are a good fruit to have on your healthy eating list.

After a workout, the high water content of an orange is very welcome. Not only does it help with being thirsty, it helps with faster uptake of nutrients than solid food.