I have a new favorite play: The Professional Eye-Opener. It hasn’t been published yet, but the playwright has had others published and won awards. We were honored to be able to do a beta-reading tonight at Readers’Theater. All I can say is: “Holy crap, that was fun to read!”

It’s a two person, one-act play. Person 1 is a woman and a high level corporate manager. Person 2 is more difficult to describe. He is essentially a trickster archetype, though plays the part of a salesman. It revolves around two main points. The first is how much personal information is actually out there to be found. The second is about social awareness of what’s going on around you and between the people in your life.

I got to read “Eric”, and wow was he creepy. All smiles and innocence except that he knows everything about Beth’s life and her place and roll in her company. There are hints that he may be supernatural in some way, but it’s never explored…just left out there to be a thunderstorm on the horizon.

Lots of compliments on my reading, (including a comment from a friend “You make a really good creepy stalker.”) and I’m not surprised. Eric is kind of like the inverse of Kevin, one of my supernatural “angel” characters that spends his time posing as an out of work actor and healing the mental and emotional trauma of rape victims. Eric is all about ripping away the protective ignorance people tend to construct around themselves. In talking about the play after the reading, I mentioned that it was something I would probably show to participants in one of my self-defense workshops.

I would dearly love to actually perform this on stage, though I suspect opportunities to be very limited. It is a very good play, has only one male and one female part, and competition for the parts is likely to be fierce.

I’m going to go, now, and bask in the memory of the awesomeness that is The Professional Eye-Opener.