I Have Had Enough!

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“Self-righteousness is the root of all bad behavior.” –Meg Barnhouse

And the words of meditation just keep on coming. This weeks words that came to me during the meditation time seems to invoke the unseen strength everyone feels from time to time.

May this flame of a single, fragile point
Join the wall of fire
And forever burn
In friendship and love and hope.

May this flame upon a tiny candle
Be strong enough to light my way
Through turbulent darkness
And bring others with me.

May this flame of delicate light
Shine endlessly in the storm
That I may help others
When they reach for shelter.

Today’s sermon topic was “enoughness”, a Quaker concept of balancing lack with acquisition. With such a topic, one would expect the sermon to boil down to: “Seek moderation, stop buying what you don’t need, and be content with what you have.” But no. We are Unitarian Universalists. Our sermons are never that easy. “Enough” is a concept that varies from person to person. How much is “enough”? How can you tell too little from too much? These are questions that everyone needs to answer for themselves.

What “enough” is not is complacency, apathy, neutrality. Enough is the balance each person must find in order to put forth the appropriate amount of effort. Enough provides both a motivation and a solid foundation from which to act. Enough is the amount of action necessary to achieve a goal…however much that might be and whatever the goal is. Enough is a solid center a person can rely on without being smothered with a surfeit. I am reminded of a quote from Marry Poppins: “Enough is as good as a feast.”

As my words of meditation may indicate, there are some things I have had enough of. I have had enough of darkness. I have had enough of pain. I have had enough of doubt. I have had enough of the storm. I say this not as a frustrated cry. I do not regret what I’ve been through. I see it as a necessary series of events. When I say, “I have had enough!” it is a simple statement of “enoughness.” I have no wish to enter the danger of wallowing in pain and doubt and darkness, so I say, “No thanks. I have had enough.”

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Guess what? As a writer, I write the occasional obligatory poem. Here’s the rough draft of one, though it still needs a title. (remember, the key word is “rough draft”) For those who don’t like free verse…maybe I’ll do a structured one in the future. For those who don’t like poetry at all, sorry. The next post won’t be poetry.


I went to the sea to catch a ship filled with laughing people.
They laughed, and danced, and sang, and beckoned me onward.
I ran across the beach, the sand slowing my efforts.
And when I reached the water, the ship had sailed,
Echoes of laughing people beckoning me on.

In haste, I built a coracle made of hopes and dreams,
And set to sea to join the beckoning crowd.
I paddled hard, in my boat of dreams,
And the ship grew ever distant
And the coracle of hopes began to leak.

I looked behind to see my path.
In the distance, I saw another ship
Loading on board laughing, dancing children.
The ship, it set sail, and followed my wake.
Its passengers hollering and beckoning.

And while I paddled my way to stasis chasing the first,
Yet the second fell behind.
And from both horizons, echoes of merriment called me on.
Then, as my boat spun confusing each direction,
The echoes dwindled and faded beyond hearing.

And I, in my coracle of leaky dreams, sit
Awash with the waves of a growing storm.
I struggle to keep my hopes from sinking,
Yet as I look for a new direction,
I find myself lost between generations.